FungoBlog - Testimonial: Terry Dixon, Mary G. Montgomery High School

Posted on 06/17/2010 at 11:26 PM

FungoMan was purchased in April 2008.  We began using it during our summer season. The coaching staff wanted to get familiar with the day to day operation of the machine during this time so that we could use it to its full potential once we started our regular season in January. 

Our Booster club at Mary G. Montgomery has always supported anything we feel makes us better and after having you demonstrate the machine we felt it would make us better. At first we saw all the potential it had as a defensive practice machine, but as we got deeper into our season and began to see better pitchers with more velocity we saw a tremendous improvement in our guys hitting the higher velocity fastballs that FungoMan throws time and time again with pin point accuracy. The ability to bump locations without the hitter realizing the location has changed is critical also.

Our players would have game at bats against some of the better pitchers in our area and they would be amazed at how prepared they were to have good at bats. Our guys gained tremendous confidence heading into the State play-offs and the result was making it to the State 6-A semi-finals.

I feel all programs at all levels from summer leagues to pro ball would benefit greatly from owning and using a FungoMan. The staff at FungoMan have always been very helpful in answering any questions we have and resolving any minor operator problems we may have confronted.