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San Diego State Making the Most of the FungoMan

Mark Martinez begins his first season as the head coach at San Diego State after nine years as an Aztec assistant coach under the late Tony Gwynn. Martinez helped Gwynn transform and build the program into what it is today. He has helped guide the Aztecs to three regional appearances in the past six years after an 18 year absence from the postseason. Along the way, he has guided the team to back-to-back Mountain West Championships. He has also helped build an academic program that saw the highest APR in the history of the program last season, as well as the most scholar-athletes and highest team GPA in the history of the program.

Grinders Baseball Academy - Kelly Stinnett Baseball

The old saying “practice makes perfect” pretty accurately defines Kelly Stinnett Baseball. And Kelly Stinnett knows a lot about not only practicing, but practicing the right way. “I believe that you play the way you practice,” says Stinnett, a 15-year Major League Baseball veteran. “And if you practice correctly, that’s going to pay off come game-time.”

7 Communication Plays that Win or Lose Baseball Games

Here are 7 plays that involve communication between players. The key to recording outs in each situations hinges on players’ ability to know their responsibilities, communicate properly to their teammate(s), and execute the required techniques. 

Adding this routine to the FungoMan wireless remote gives coaches and players a drill that will replicate these plays simply and accurately. The drill is most effective when run with the entire team on the field.

FungoMan’s New Android Wireless Controller: Easy to Operate

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Starting Young…Working Hard

They live over 1000 miles apart, but share a common theme. “Hard work pays off.” Joe Conti and Max Soliz Jr. are both young aspiring baseball players that have a desire to play at the highest level. They also share something in common; they both own a FungoMan FM-250.
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Titans Sports Academy - Chance Beam

Titans Sports Academy President and CEO Chance Beam purchased a FungoMan FM-250 18 months ago. To date, they have thrown over 75,000 balls through their machine. “So far, the cost is about $.18 for every ball thrown. The more balls we throw the better our ROI gets because the FungoMan is doing things a paid coach would normally have to do. Now I can put that coach out in the field instructing players.” Chance has incorporated the FM-250 into both their indoor and outdoor practices.  Click here to see more...

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FungoMan Testimonial: Chris Finwood, Old Dominion

Old Dominion Head Coach Chris Finwood has been developing defenders at the college level for over 13 years. He has utilized the FungoMan FM-250 for over 5 years at Western Kentucky and now Old Dominion University. FungoMan helps the Monarchs hone the skills needed for them to be successful. more >

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