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This robot’s name is FungoMan and he just wants to play baseball with the Padres

By Corey Brock /

For the past five years, “FungoMan” has collected dust and cobwebs in the back corner of the Padres’ covered batting cage at their Spring Training facility.

But this spring, the automated machine that directs fly balls to outfielders has finally seen the light of day—and so, too, have the Padres, who are raving about the machine.

The “FungoMan,” which resembles a pitching machine on wheels, has been used during the first few weeks of camp to spin balls of varying direction and distance to outfielders, replacing the job once done by coaches with a fungo bat.
Don’t feel bad for the coaches, though.
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St. Louis Gamers

The St. Louis Gamers mission is to develop passionate and skilled baseball players to compete at the highest level nationally, while using baseball as a platform to teach important life lessons to young men in a team environment that is positive, challenging and fun.

St. Louis Gamers Videos using the FM-250
13.5 hour FungoMan Day, 11,532 balls thrown
Ground Ball Drills
Outfield Drill
Catcher Receiving Drill
Catcher Throws

Manual Controller Drills Every High School Coach Should Own

While there’s no right or wrong way to use the FungoMan FM-250, great time-saving drills can make the difference between an average vs dynamic practice. There is no doubt that the FungoMan Wireless Remote can do incredible things, but what happens when you leave your remote controller at home? Or you have a new coach that has never used the Wireless Remote? Or, you simply want to set up a quick drill without setting up a program? No sweat. Today we’ve provided a clutch short list of quality settings on your manual controller that will keep your players coming back for more.

San Diego State Making the Most of the FungoMan

Mark Martinez begins his first season as the head coach at San Diego State after nine years as an Aztec assistant coach under the late Tony Gwynn. Martinez helped Gwynn transform and build the program into what it is today. He has helped guide the Aztecs to three regional appearances in the past six years after an 18 year absence from the postseason. Along the way, he has guided the team to back-to-back Mountain West Championships. He has also helped build an academic program that saw the highest APR in the history of the program last season, as well as the most scholar-athletes and highest team GPA in the history of the program.


Chris Finwood, Old Dominion

“I have been using the FM-250 since 2005 and have found it to be an integral part of our infield development.  The consistency of the hops allow us to get the max reps/work done in a short amount of time.”

“I really feel like using the FungoMan presents a more gamelike speed and hop for our guys to get their work done.  The remote controllers allow me to be out on the field close to our players for instructional purposes.”

“Early in the year when its cold and we want to be efficient with our time outside, the FungoMan is a must! In fact most of our early work is done now with one or both of the FM-250 machines.”

Chris Finwood
Head Baseball Coach
Old Dominion University

Karl King, North HS, Edmond, OK

“It was the first piece of equipment I asked to purchase upon arriving at Edmond North due to how much I used it at the high school I previously coached at. It is an invaluable tool as far as delivering consistent types of balls whether it be infield or outfield balls. The off season in a big program with only 2 coaches is challenging but FungoMan acts as an additional coach and can single handedly run the outfield portion of practice allowing the myself and another coach to see to infielders and hitters and I can control the action from anywhere I’m at on the field. No doubt it has helped our catchers become better at pop ups due to the consistent reps it provides that would be almost impossible with a fungo.”

Edmond North HS Huskies
“It also serves as a bunting station behind our roll up during BP that requires very little supervision as well as providing an opportunity for extra work for players that want to stay late while coaches take care of other duties. It is greatly valued during our tryouts as we are able to deliver consistent balls to each player and with the ability to save the routine we are assured to deliver the same type of tryout for players that come out after their respective sport has concluded.”

“I can’t imagine our program without FungoMan as it has proven year after year to be a valuable asset to our program that is only limited to a coaches creativity.”

Starting Young…Working Hard

They live over 1000 miles apart, but share a common theme. “Hard work pays off.” Joe Conti and Max Soliz Jr. are both young aspiring baseball players that have a desire to play at the highest level. They also share something in common; they both own a FungoMan FM-250.
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