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Posted on 03/25/2010 at 12:15 PM

What Coaches are Saying About FungoMan

Romy CucjenHello, my name is Romy Cucjen and I am the president of FungoMan.  At FungoMan, we’re excited to introduce the most innovative and useful practice machine that baseball has ever seen.

When we were developing FungoMan, I drew on my 14 years of experience as a High School Baseball coach, and the years I spent as a player at both the college and professional levels.

  • From the beginning, we knew that our machine had to make practice times more PRODUCTIVE.  Quality reps are what players need to improve their game. 

  • With the recent restrictions on official practice times, we knew FungoMan needed to allow a player to PRACTICE the defensive side of the game BY HIMSELF

  • Request More InformationWe also wanted the machine to help coaches BETTER COMMUNICATE with their players during drills, so we developed technology that would allow the coach to be out on the field, instead of being tied to a bat, or even our machine.

  • The machine needed to be very EASY TO USE

  • It had to be extremely RELIABLE and CONSISTENT and if anything ever went wrong with the machine, the company had to be excellent at CUSTOMER SERVICE, getting the machine back on the field as soon as possible. 

  • Most of all we wanted those that purchased our products to feel like they received GREAT VALUE for the investment that was spent on the machine. 

We believe we were able to accomplish all of this in our latest machine, the FungoMan FM-250. But you don’t need to take my word for it.  We want you to hear firsthand by clicking on the video testimonies below to hear what coaches are saying about FungoMan.


Javi Sanchez Video Video: Javi Sanchez, Louisiana State University

Javi Sanchez explains how the LSU Tigers acclimated their players to the New Alex Box Stadium in preparation for their championship season.

"It is really helping our guys and we see the benefits that its really paying off."

Vance Arnold Video Video: Vance Arnold, Fayetteville High School

"We have used the FungoMan for the last two years.  I think we are the first in the state of Arkansas to have one.  We think it contributed to us winning our second state championship..."

"Last year in the state championship of Arkansas we faced two pitchers back to back that were overpowering pitchers.  We hooked the FungoMan up and we alternated curve balls and fast balls.  Kids got their timing down.  They got to see the spin on the ball.  There is no way we could have simulated what we were going to see at the state championship game.  We won the game 2 to 0.  The kids all contributed their success to FungoMan."

Steve Marrs Video Video: Steve Marrs, Pinetree High School

"We got a FungoMan a couple of years ago.  It has been one of the greatest pieces of equipment we ever got.  It’s something every program needs."

Clay Foster Video Video: Clay Foster, Artesia High School

"I am a proud owner of FungoMan...Probably one of the best products I’ve ever had in my life.  Its better than any coach that I’ve got.  It doesn’t talk back to me.  Seriously, it is a product that you can’t do without...Probably looking to get another one."

Jeremy Smith Video Video: Jeremy Smith, Appling County High School

"We just really love it.  Best thing we’ve ever invested in."

Mike Shaheen Video Video: Mark Shaheen, Wesleyan School of Atlanta

"I can honestly say we use the machine in all aspects of practice.  It is the most versatile machine you can buy out there...It is worth every penny we spent on’s just so versatile, it’s so accurate.  It makes practice one hundred times easier whether you have a staff of four coaches or even better yet if you’re by yourself you just have another one assistant coach...It’s my biggest recommendation for a baseball coach this year."

Cliff Shelton Video Video: Cliff Shelton, Greater Atlanta Christian School

"When I saw it demonstrated I walked away knowing I had to have has been sensational.  It has helped our kids.  It’s literally like having another coach on the field.  We couldn’t do without it now.  It’s a great piece of equipment."

Mel Didier Video: Mel Didier, Toronto Blue Jays

"Most of the time when you look at a machine - an old timer like myself, we are always they come again with some stupid apparatus, trying to make money. But believe me when I tell you this, this machine can help players and that’s the name of the game."

Practice Productivity (More Reps)

Chris Sperry Video Video: Chris Sperry, University of Portland

"We have had FungoMan for about two allow us to do much more work than we have ever been able to do with our coaching staff...We use it every day with virtually all of our position players...It’s a great machine."

Rocke Musgraves Video Video: Rocke Musgraves, LSU Shreveport

"Drills that usually take a half hour now maybe take 15 minutes.  Makes our practices much more efficient."

Ronnie Dent Video Video: Ronnie Dent, Bullard High School

"It has increased my practice productivity, ground ball productivity and fly ball productivity."

Curtis Ledbetter Video Video: Curtis Ledbetter, University of Nebraska

"We are able to be out on the field with the kids and send the balls exactly where we want to put them.   We get a lot more work, and they get a lot more reps when we use the FungoMan.  Its been a great asset..."

Individual Practice

Steve Smith Video Video: Steve Smith, Baylor University

"Finally, a machine comes out where a  guy can work on the defensive side of the game by himself... it has encouraged players to fall in love with the game of baseball and work on the defensive side."

Tim Esmay Video Video: Tim Esmay, Arizona State University

"We have been very fortunate to own one of the original FungoMan for over four years.  It’s one of the best teaching tool, training mechanisms that you can have.  The important thing, especially at our level, is our kids want to work more and they want to work on their own.  And this is a great tool for kids to just go out on their own and just set up the machine, put the program in and are working plays."

Better Communication during Practice

Sean O'Connor Video Video: Sean O’Connor, Dematha Catholic High School

"We bought FungoMan about a year product we ever put out...its unbelievable if you are an infield coach and want to work with the be able to actually be right there next to the kid is an unbelievably valuable coaching lesson.  Not to mention the ability to take rep after rep.  Its an unbelievable product."

Mike Maack Video Video: Mike Maack, Prestonwood Christian Academy

"It’s been an unbelievable tool for our program...Its revolutionized the way I run practices.  Its freed me actually coach the kids.  We found that with this machine we’ve gotten a lot more repetitions with our infielders and outfielders.  Its allowed me to be with the position players coaching them while they are getting the FungoMan balls hit to them."

Reliability and Consistency

Dan McDonnell Video Video: Dan McDonnell, University of Louisville

"We got FungoMan last winter.  We use it extensively throughout the year...the best thing about the FungoMan is the consistency where you can shoot the ball at a direct spot.  Not just once but 10, 20, 50 times in a row...very consistent, very reliable and allows us to get in as many reps as we can in a short amount of time."

Larry Turner Video Video: Larry Turner, Owasso High School

"We have had the FungoMan for four years...We use it for popup communication drills.  We use it in our indoor facility where we are able to shoot popups over our outfielders heads and they have to go back to wall...It’s amazing piece of equipment we use daily."

Randy Spring Video Video: Randy Spring, Brookhaven High School

"This has been an outstanding purchase we have made for our baseball program.  Especially during our off has allowed me to do a lot of things with 16-17 players by myself...I was able to be in the cage with our hitters while the infielders are taking ground balls...Ground balls are accurate.  With me hitting, it may be 5 or 6 out of 10 of what I want.  This is ten out of ten.  It gives our guys a lot more quality work."

Steve Bernhardt Video Video: Steve Bernhardt, Baseball Factory

We have been fortunate enough to use FungoMan for some of our events the last few years and out here in Omaha this year we had a great time using it...We don’t waste time with our Fungos with misses and hitting to the wrong guy.  We can hit it right where we want it.  Players, parents and the other coaches who haven’t seen it are attracted to FungoMan immediately."    

Easy to Use

Jeff Shafer Video Video: Jeff Shafer, Seminole State Community College

It is unbelieveable the things it can do.  The thing that really impressed me is that its so easy to use.  Anybody of any age can use it.  You can be as creative as you want with it."

Chris Lemonis Video Video: Chris Lemonis, University of Louisville

"We use the FungoMan everyday in practice for so many different things...from our outfielders to our infielders to our picks to our bunting.  FungoMan is rolled out about every day and used a good bit during our practice.  It is very simple to use.  Our kids get to maximize their reps during practice."

Customer Service

Jim Long Video Video: Jim Long, Brenham High School

"I have had it about a year and a half.  It is indispensible.  If you’ve got any problems with it at all, all you do is call up and they take care of you.  It’s been a great thing for us."

Mitch Thompson Video Video: Mitch Thompson, Baylor University

"We were able to use it every day in practice.  They take very good care of us in servicing our school and program."

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